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Odorite Surf Clean 10 X FF – HD93/5

R612,00 excl VAT

* Grease – OIL – Diesel Emulsifiers *
Degradation of hydrocarbon spills

– A visually cleaner garage floor and driveway with less effort.
– Enhance the office, factory and your homes curb appeal with a fresh, clean sidewalk.
– Deep-clean tough stains in the workshop, factory garage and basement with a product that is safer for family and pet than the chemical alternatives.
– More effective than a solvent-based product, yet is safe to use and friendly to the environment.
– Use one product for a wide range of cleaning applications including garage floors, basements, outdoor furniture, tools and equipment.
– With Bio C3

HD93C / 5 10 X FF – Concentrate 5L 4 x 5L
HD93C / 25 10 X FF – Concentrate 25L Each



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