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HD 10 Hard Surface Cleaner + Degreaser 25L

R1084,00 excl VAT

HD10 is a water based, heavy duty hard surface degreaser & general purpose cleaner.

Used on all hard surfaces including walls, floors, engines, upholstery, carpets and all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. All food & beverage cleaning requirements and HACCP applications.

May be used for daily general cleaning applications and is considered safe for use on most common surfaces.

Advantage : Multifunctional, high-foaming, good all-round cleaning ability, free rinsing and easy to use. Caustic, ammonia, phenol & phosphate free formula. Biodegradable.

HD 10 /5 5L  4 x 5L

HD 10 /25 25L 1 x 25L

General / Light Cleaning    20ml   : 1L water  *Dilute with hot / cold water
Medium Cleaning                40ml   : 1L water
Heavy Duty Cleaning          200ml : 1L water


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