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Odorite Bio Cubes RTU – HD89

R594,00 excl VAT

* Toilet / Urinals / Solution *
Bio-Enzyme degradation of organic waste and deodoriser for urinals

– Odorite Bio Cube has been specially designed to clean and to reduce odour problems and to be environmentally friendly when compared to conventional chemical and or PDB urinal blocks.
– Each biological block contains powerful biological cleaning agents, which are proven to maintain, clean, de-odorise urinals but also the traps and pipes.
** For Best Results: Odorite Bio Cubes should be used in conjunction with HD76 – Bio Tech GTX – Ready To Use

HD89 / 5 READY TO USE – 40g cubes 5kg 4 x 5kg

*Recommended Dilution Rate:
2 cubes per urinal for 2 weeks. Used in conjunction with Bio Tech GTX


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